What We Do

Are you struggling to consistently grow your business? Are you growing but struggling with cash flow? You’re not alone, many growing businesses struggle with these issues. Enterprise Elements has developed a unique process to help you:


  1. Understand your financial performance from 7 key unique perspectives
  2. Develop and set a clear, concise strategy for growth – with actions and accountability
  3. Convert your growth strategy into a meaningful (three-way) cash flow model. What does your strategy look like in numbers? Will you have enough cash to grow?
  4. Engage with our team of highly skilled and experience professionals on a monthly or quarterly basis to drive your strategy, monitor performance and gain meaningful insights into business challenges.
  5. Understand what business value really is and the key drivers of shareholder value

Financial Analysis

Understanding the 7 key elements of financial performance in your business

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Growth Management

Developing your business plan on a page and translating this into a meaningful three-way budget

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Providing clarity on real business value and using value to underpin smart business decisions

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Corporate Advisory

Helping clients make the right growth funding decisions, setting value based remuneration plans, pricing and costing decisions and much more

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