Corporate Advisory

Helping clients make the right growth funding decisions, setting value based remuneration plans, pricing and costing decisions

Share Holder Value Analysis

Our specialist corporate advisors can help you understand the importance of shareholder value creation and how “value based management” techniques can be implemented to drive business value

We can help you articulate technical shareholder value issues such as:

  1. Weighted Average Cost of Capital
  2. Value based adjustments and analysis
  3. Economic profit analysis
  4. Using shareholder value to drive executive remuneration and bonus frameworks

Finance Function Assessment

Is your finance department able to provide you with accurate, timely and meaningful financial information to support your business growth and decision making? We can assist you in conducting a finance function assessment which will cover the following key areas:

  1. Internal Control Gap Analysis;
  2. Key Organisational Roles and Competencies;
  3. Accounting Procedures and Compliance;
  4. Financial Management Gap Analysis;
  5. Inter-group Transaction Accounting;
  6. Systems Capability Review;

Activity Based Costing

Can you articulate your true costing for your products or services? Are you sure that you are achieving the right pricing and margins? We can help you understand your costing environment by completing an activity based costing assessment. This assessment will assist in articulating:

  1. Your true cost per hour or per unit for all services or products
  2. The true cost of unused capacity in your business
  3. How to implement activity based management initiatives that will improve efficiency and optimise margin

Funding Application Assistance

Do you need additional working capital and growth funding? Are you making an application for funding with your bank? We can support you by delivering our finance application optimiser process which incorporates:

  1. Credit risk assessment – using internal bank funding criteria to assess your application before it is submitted.
  2. Funding information memorandum – a comprehensive report containing all supporting documentation and the business case for funding
  3. Lending conference facilitation – presentation of your business case to potential lenders

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