Financial Analysis

Do you understand the seven key elements of financial performance in your business?

Our financial performance analysis is designed to provide you with a detailed assessment of your company’s financial performance. This document will provide a clear understanding of the current status of financial performance based on best practice criteria and industry benchmarks. The document will highlight the financial stress points that may need to be addressed. This analysis is based upon seven key elements of financial performance.  The key financial performance areas to be reviewed are as follows:


Capital Investment

  • Analysis of the level of operating capital invested in your business;
  • Determination of the components of operating capital in your business.

Profitability & Return

  • Determination of the level of profitability your business has generated. Is this enough profit?
  • Analysis of the return on invested capital;
  • Interpretation of the key drivers of your profitability.

Break-even & Safety Margin Analysis

  • Articulation of the minimum level of sales required each month to service debt funding obligations

Free Cash Flow

  • Analysis of the cash flow creation trends in your business. Is it enough?
  • What drives free cash flow creation?

Trends of Performance

  • Interpretation of the key trends of performance;
  • What are the drivers of positive and negative trends?

Performance Improvement Options

  • What are the drivers of improvement in profitability and return on the capital invested in your business?
  • Articulation of potential bookkeeping and accounting improvements;

Strategic Considerations for Growth

  • Discussion of the top 3 strategic opportunities that could contribute to growth and productivity improvement.
  • Identification of potential risk factors associated with high growth business.

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