Growth Management

Developing your business plan on a page and translating this into a meaningful three-way budget

Enterprise Elements is experienced in the facilitation of strategic planning that is executable and reflective of your long-term business goals. We propose that a concise strategic plan using the Balanced Scorecard be developed that will enable alignment of strategic focus points for the next 12-24 months. The key focus areas of this process are as follows:


  • People (Learning & Development) – Engagement, alignment and longevity of staff.
  • Processes – Optimising the best way to deliver services supported by innovation in process service delivery.
  • Customers – Consistent and regular engagement with target customers through a strong value proposition.
  • Financial – Optimising the return on invested capital and delivering true shareholder value.

Financial Perspective


Customer Perspective


Internal Processes


Learning & Development

Every business should convert the strategic plan into numbers

The cash flow budget development process aims to convert the strategic execution plan, into a comprehensive financial model, demonstrating potential earnings, cash flow and return outcomes. This process forms the financial framework of ongoing financial performance reporting and will provide you with a clear target for growth and future financial performance. The budget can be seen as a working document that should be used for monthly comparison of budget to actual performance.


Cash Flow Drivers

Non-financial drivers of financial performance


Cash Flow Behaviours

Profile of cash inflows and outflows


Growth Funding

Could there be a cash flow shortage?


Free Cash Flow

Can th business generate free cash flow?

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